Celpip Writing an Email Sample 392

Request for a Recommendation

Requesting a letter of recommendation for an academic application. In your Email, Explain:

  • Your name and contact information.
  • The position or program you are applying for.
  • Your relationship with the person you are requesting the recommendation from.
  • The deadline for the recommendation.

Dear Mr Morris,

I hope this email finds you well. My name is ABC, and I am writing to kindly request a letter of recommendation for Masters in Business Management that I am applying for. I believe that your insights and perspective would greatly strengthen my application.

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Practice Celpip test with Free Samples

As I have worked together with you as your teaching assistant in grad school, I greatly value your knowledge and expertise in the business field. Your firsthand experience with my work ethic, skills, and character would provide valuable insights to the selection committee.

The deadline for submitting the recommendation is 15-07-2023. I would be truly grateful if you could provide the letter before that date, allowing ample time for submission.

I understand that composing a letter of recommendation requires time and effort, and I genuinely appreciate your willingness to support my application. Should you require any additional information or materials to assist you in writing the letter, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Your recommendation would greatly contribute to my future endeavors, and I am confident that it will positively impact my application.

Best regards,

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