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First Francophone Express Entry Round Announced by IRCC

Minister Fraser made updated announcements regarding Express Entry category-based selection on May 31. The Minister of Official Languages announced the first round of the category-based selection process for Francophones today.

The first draw for the Francophone category  for Express Entry

Canada declared it would host the first-ever Express Entry category lottery for new immigrants of Francophone descent. Although no specific date was provided for the draw, it is anticipated to occur in the coming weeks, as has been the case with past category draw announcements.  

There have been three category-specific draws since June 28th, when they started. 500 healthcare professionals were asked to apply on June 28. Then, on July 5th, a draw for STEM jobs was held, inviting an additional 500 applicants. Last, a second draw for healthcare positions was held on July 6, inviting 1,500 applications. 

By attracting these French-speaking immigrants outside of Quebec, Canada seeks to assist economic growth. These attractions will aid in expanding minority Francophone communities outside of Quebec, a task that has proven difficult in recent years. 

The category-based selection demonstrates Canada’s dedication to luring top international talent and meeting the demand for multilingual and French-speaking workers to sustain the country’s economy. Additionally, it enhances the rich mix of languages and cultures within the communities that newly arrived Francophones contribute to. 

All year long, these category-based draws will take place in conjunction with general invitation rounds. 

Who is eligible for these draws for the French Speaking Category?

To be eligible:

  • You must pass the Niveaux de compétence linguistique with a minimum score of 7 in each of the four language abilities and
  • meet every condition listed in the round’s rules.

The website of the Canadian government contains a complete list of standards for each category. 

What Is the Best Way for French Speakers to Immigrate to Canada?

There are a variety of routes for a French speaker to come to Canada, depending on their objectives.

Numerous prominent universities across Canada provide high-quality bilingual or French education and programs that can be tailored to your needs if you want to pursue further education. Comparing Canada to other well-known locations, such as the United States, is also usually more economical.

On the other hand, obtaining a work permit will enable you to travel to Canada specifically for employment. Many businesses are turning to immigration to solve the growing workforce deficit. Candidates could have an advantage over the competitors to acquire their dream job if they are fluent in French.

If, after arriving in Canada, you decide you’d like to extend your stay permanently, you can start looking into alternatives like Canadian permanent residency. However, if you are already certain that you want to make your immigration permanent, you can use Express Entry to submit a direct application for permanent residence from your home country.

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