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Health Insurance for New Immigrants in Canada

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Health Insurance for New Immigrants: Canada is a country which is well known for its healthcare. Healthcare in Canada is publicly funded. As a new ex-pat to Canada, you need to know all about the publicly funded healthcare of Canada. However, Health Insurance for new immigrants in Canada is required. 

Canada pays outstanding care for its citizens and permanent residents. All citizens and permanent residents can enjoy the benefits of Canada’s universal healthcare system. However, in the case of new immigrants, the healthcare system works differently. 

What type of healthcare coverage you can get depends upon the type of visa you have. This means if you are a non-Canadian resident, then you need to pay more for medical services in Canada. 

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So if you are planning to move to Canada, you should better prepare for medical expenses in the country.

Health Insurance for new immigrants Canada

It is advised to get health insurance for new immigrants before getting eligible for the public healthcare system. All new immigrants should get travel medical insurance or an annual international medical plan before coming to Canada. 

As a non-Canadian, you are required to pay CAD 5,000 for a day for the hospital stay. The amount can be increased to double in case you need intensive care. So it is recommended to have Health Insurance for new immigrants before coming to Canada in case of an emergency. 

Once you become qualified for publicly funded healthcare, you can top up your health coverage plans and can also get additional private insurance. In that case, getting in touch with the private health Insurance company of one’s choice was easy simply through a phone or online. 

The private health insurance company will help you with the insurance process. Also, they will help you with the breakdown of the costs and will answer all your queries before signing up for the insurance plan. 

In case the new immigrants are getting health insurance through the employer, then the human resource department of the company will help them in the process of getting health insurance. 

Generally, they are the ones who will take care of the health insurance process in your process. They should also help you with all the enquiries you have regarding your health insurance benefits and coverage plans. 

Best Health Insurance providers in Canada. Here is a list of some best companies which provide private health insurance in Canada.

  • Manulife – Manulife provides insurance plans like Flexcare Health and Dental and FollowMe.
  • SunLife Financial –the health insurance provided by SunLife Financial is the extended healthcare insurance which is available for entire families. It also includes Dental healthcare.
  • Great-West Life – Great-West Life mainly focuses on two healthcare packages: Core, Core Plus, and Core Elite which are mainly for families or individuals.
  • Ontario Blue Cross – Ontario Blue cross is mainly based in Ontario. They provide many different plans, including Basic Blue Choice and Basic Plus. 
  • GMS Health Insurance – GMS Health Insurance providers offer Plans which include the Omni Plan, the ExtendaPlan, and a Basic Plan.
  • ScotiaLife Health and Dental Insurance – They Accept individuals as well as families. But these insurance plans are not for those who have preexisting conditions, as they are very strict.
  • Desjardins Insurance – Desjardins Insurance is a good choice as they offer affordable and customizable health insurance plans to its customers.
  • CAA – CAA is mainly known for auto insurance, but they do have health Insurance plans which they provide through Manulife. 
  • Green Shield Canada – Green Shield Canada is famous for its two individual plans, which are Zone: for those who are new to private healthcare, and Link: for those people who are leaving a private healthcare plan and are retiring and want private coverage to continue).
  • TD Insurance – TD insurance providers offer insurance for critical care and critical accidents.
  • Ivari – Ivari also provides insurance for critical care. It is only applicable to those who have a critical illness.

Who needs Health Insurance for New Immigrants Canada:

health insurance for new immigrants Canada is a requirement for newcomers in Canada. Almost all visa categories require health insurance when coming to Canada. 

International Students, Temporary workers, Skilled workers and travellers who plan to stay longer in Canada. Also, all new immigrants coming to Canada need health insurance. 


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