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How do I practice CELPIP writing?

How do I practice CELPIP writing?

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Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP) is a language proficiency test approved by IRCC for Canadian immigration. The general test has four parts reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Every part has equal importance, and you must score good marks in all parts to get an overall good score. So you need to prepare each part well. In this article, we will discuss How do I practice CELPIP writing.

CELPIP Writing Test: CELPIP writing test takes around 50-55 minutes to complete. The test has two tasks writing an email and responding to a survey.

Both the tasks of writing an email and responding to a survey should contain 150-200 words. In both tasks, there are two sections on the screen where in one, you can see the instructions or choices and on the other side, information about a certain situations.

Practice Celpip test with Free Samples
Practice Celpip test with Free Samples

On the right side, you will have space to write your response. You will have a time limit to complete the task and should complete your task within the time provided. Once the time is over, the next task will automatically appear on your screen.

As CELPIP writing has two tasks, we can discuss them here.

Email Writing: in this task, the test takers are required to write an email about a specific topic to the concerned person. You will have a word limit of 150-200 words with a fixed time of 27 minutes to complete your task.

Try to complete the task within the given time and word limit. Do not exceed the word limit, and try to complete one thought in one paragraph.

It is better to organise your thoughts before writing. Write in small paragraphs and write only one point in one paragraph. Make it more readable and use strong grammatical structures. Improve your vocabulary before attempting the test. It will help you score a reasonable level.

Here is a sample for the email writing task:

Responding to a survey: In this task, you are required to write a response to a survey. It can be either from the government, an NGO, an Educational institution, Society or the town Mayor.

You will have two options, and you are required to choose one based on your opinions and provide reasons to back your choice.

Like email writing, your response should be between 150 to 200 words. In this task, the time limit will be 26 minutes. You can write a response based on two factors: Your choice and the Reasons for that choice.

Try to organise your thoughts and put them in words neatly. Do not repeat the same points. Use words which are easily understandable and relate to daily life more. Use language based on the type of topic.

Writing tips for CELPIP: With a clear idea of the writing task, we can discuss some tips to obtain higher score levels in the CELPIP writing task and to answer your question How do I practice CELPIP writing?

  1. Practice with a computer. As CELPIP is a computer-based test, it is important to get yourself familiar with one. Many people feel cautious with computers and have very slow typing speeds. When preparing for the CELPIP having a good typing speed is required. As the writing task has time limits and you are required to write your response within that time, it is advisable to have good typing speed.

  2. Also, there are many other functions which you need to know to have a smooth writing task test, like the editing functions: copying, cutting, and pasting.

  3. There will be a spell checker and word counter in the writing test. Learn to use them well.

  4. Prepare well before the actual test. Take sample tests and get yourself evaluated by the experts. Get yourself familiar with the test format so that you can easily handle the test on the final exam.
  5. Having a strong vocabulary will help you score good marks. Improve your vocabulary. As CELPIP is an English proficiency test, having a strong vocabulary will be helpful.
  6. As you write your thoughts, the grammatical mistakes will be more visible. So it is strongly advised to improve your grammar before the exam. Having grammatical mistakes will increase your chances of getting a low CELPIP level.
  7. While responding to an email, you should know the difference between a formal and an informal email. Choose your words according to the type of email you are responding.
  8. Write your response in paragraphs. And keep your paragraphs short and readable. You can provide the introduction, details, and conclusion in different paragraphs. It will be more presentable and readable.
  9. Organise your thoughts in one paragraph. One paragraph for one point. It will increase the readability of the content.
  10. Follow the given word limit and time limit. Complete your response in the given time and word limit.
  11. Check your work for any potential mistakes before submitting and correct them, if any.


  1. Writing Section: Two Tasks
  2. Manage your Time
  3. Word Limit: 150-200 words
  4. Vocabulary and Grammar
  5. Practice on computer

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