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How long is celpip valid? - Steps towards Success

How long is CELPIP valid? – Steps towards Success

CELPIP results are considered to be valid by immigration, refugees and citizenship Canada for 2 years from the date of issuance of the results. Once CELPIP results become invalid the CELPIP validity will be over and the affected candidate is removed from the pool.

He or she will not be eligible to be issued an ITA for permanent residence.The period in which CELPIP scores remain valid is dependable on the copious organizations’ policies.

How long are my CELPIP scores valid:

From the date of the test they are available to you for 2 years. The length of time that your scores are considered valid by various institutions is determined by their individual policies they have. You can obtain this information from these institutions.

How do CELPIP scores work:

When you take the CELPIP test, for each test section you’re assigned a separate score. Scores range from Level 0 to Level 12. Levels 0 to 2 depicting minimal English language proficiency or insufficient information to assess and Level 12 depicting advanced English proficiency in workplace and community contexts. If the score for the reading section is 9, the reading score will also be 9.


People are concerned why they should choose CELPIP over any other test. It is important to note that celpip offers a number of benefits, it includes:

  • Diverse English accent:

It is a test for Canadian English, it accepts both American and British accents. One of the main factors that give CELPIP an edge over ilets is that accent is not their priority at all.

  • Vocabulary:

These tests have a very general vocabulary . The words are from your everyday conversation so it will be easier for you. There is no need to cram the dictionary. You may know tips and tricks to improve your Vocabulary too.

Totally Computer-based :

Technology has taken over the world. You don’t need to worry, If you are a slow writer. The test is computer-based.It can save your  lot of time. The test comes with an additional spell checker. It also comes with a timer.

Two sorts of celpip test:

There are two varieties of the celpip test, the CELPIP general test, and the CELPIP general LS test. You need to find out which test is best according to your needs.

CELPIP General test format: It can be broken into four sections:

  • Listening, where you will listen to passages and ans.
  • Reading, where you will read passages and ans.
  • Writing, responding to questions with written answers.
  • Speaking, where you’ll verbally reply to on-screen prompts.

CELPIP General LS test format: The test is broken into two sections:

  • Listening, where you listen to passages and answer.

  • Speaking, where you reply to on-screen prompts verbally.

Where can I take the celpip test:

The CELPIP test is administered at dedicated test centres in ten countries around the world, including the U.S.A, the U.K, India, Canada, China, Philippines, Singapore etc.

CELPIP validity for express entry:

The Express profile is valid for 12 months.You have to  make sure that your language test results are valid for the same time period.You should re-take the test, if your test results expire soon. After that, update your Express Entry profile.

CELPIP validity for canadian citizenship:

CELPIP results are considered valid by immigration, refugees and citizenship Canada for 2 years from the date of issuance of the results. If CELPIP results become invalid, the candidate is removed . He or she will not be eligible to be issued an ITA for permanent residence.

CELPIP validity for canada PR:

The CELPIP Tests are accepted by immigration, refugees and citizenship Canada for a variety of permanent residency and immigration streams. Also, accepted for professional certification for a number of organizations.

CELPIP validity for work permit:

Yes – you need to take CELPIP again. To apply for PR your current score is too low.

CELPIP score for PR:

A score 5 or more than that in each component  Writing, Speaking, Listening & Reading is required for the celpip general test for PR.

CELPIP is widely popular due to its remarkable test policies.More and more people are approaching CELPIP to test their english proficiency to get a canada visa.To get PR in canada, you need to get good scores.Mostly the score is counted on the basis of the policy of canadian immigration application.

CELPIP counts more advantages as compared to ilets:

CELPIP counts more advantages as compared to IELTS:

  • As CELPIP is taken over computers it  is more advanced.
  • You do not have to wait for 13 days to get a result. Both give out results in just 8 days.
  • If you want your result urgently. You can spend the extra money and your result will be handed to you in 3 days.
  • CELPIP is completed in a single meeting. In ilets you have to spend extra time on other tests.
  • You do not need to grab extra interview dates, in CELPIP.
  • CELPIP offers a lesser fee.

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