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Nova Scotia Immigration Program

Nova Scotia Immigration Program 2023

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The smallest Province in Canada is Nova Scotia. It is situated in the Maritime Region. It is popular for its high standard of living and good facilities. Over the last 20 years, immigration to Nova Scotia has tripled. It has introduced many programs under the Nova scotia Immigration program.

You have to apply for the Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP) stream once you are ready to move to beautiful Nova Scotia.

With NSNP, the skills and experience targeted by Nova Scotia may be nominated to immigrate. Within six months of receiving your nominee certificate apply to IRCC for PR. You and your dependents must meet all requirements for medical, security and criminal admissibility.

NSNP offers prospective candidates nine separate immigration pathways. Labour and economic market needs are addressed by NSNP. $1.4 million for settlement services in communities. In 2021, Nova Scotia welcomed 9,025 new residents. There are seven Nova Scotia Immigration Streams. Under this, the applicants can apply.

Nova scotia Immigration program 2023:

Nova scotia Immigration program 2023 demands:

Express Entry:

It comes under category A. A Canadian high school qualification is required. Have one year of skilled work experience. Exhibit sufficient financial capability. They should score at least 67 points. Have a registered profile in IRCC.

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Possess a valid job offer from an employer of the Province for full-time skilled work for at least a year after getting PR. Demonstrate language ability in French or English.

To apply under category B, a Canadian high school qualification is required for the candidate. It should be in one of the Nova Scotia Demand Express Entry targets. Have one year of skilled work experience in work. Exhibit sufficient financial capability.

Should score at least 67 points on the six selection components. Have a registered profile in IRCC.  For at least a year, possess a valid job offer from an employer of the Province for full-time skilled work. Demonstrate language ability in French or English.

Nova Scotia Immigration Program 2023

The Nova Scotia Immigration program Experience: Express Entry Stream

In order to apply under this category, candidates must possess a minimum of one year of experience working in Nova Scotia. In this, the candidate must have a Canadian high school qualification. Have one year of work experience. Be 21 to 55 years of age. Have a registered profile in IRCC. Demonstrate language ability in French or English.

Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities:

In this category, the candidate must meet the eligibility criteria at the time of issuance of the letter. Have legal status in the country. Exhibit sufficient financial capability. Possess minimum work experience. Receive the Nova Scotia Nominee Program Letter.  


In this, the public health authorities of Nova Scotia hire specialist physicians and family physicians to work. The Physician Stream eligibility includes- the physician stream is only open to specialist physicians, family physicians and general practitioners.

Who has the signed and approved opportunities? The opportunity must be signed by an authorized person. Be dated and signed by the applicant. Designate licensure eligibility with the College of Physicians. Show the eligibility of the applicant to seek credentials etc. 


Senior business managers or experienced business owners who wish to live in Nova Scotia can apply. They must have an active role in day-to-day management. They must start a new business of their own. The entrepreneur may be nominated for PR status.

To apply under the Nova scotia Immigration program, the candidate must be at least 21 years older. Should permanently reside in Nova Scotia. Should have a net worth of $600,000 CAD.

Establish a business in Nova Scotia by investing $150,000 CAD. On the Canadian language  Score, a minimum of 5. Fill online Expression of Interest. Possess a minimum of 3 years worth of experience. Should have five years’ worth of experience. I have received an application invitation from the Immigration Office Of Nova Scotia.

International Graduate Entrepreneur:

Recent Graduates from Nova Scotia Community College can apply under the International Graduate Entrepreneur Stream. Interested applicants must have bought a Nova Scotia business. They may be nominated for permanent residence.

If a candidate wants to apply, he must be willing to settle in Nova Scotia permanently. Core a minimum of 7 on the Canadian Language Benchmark. Should fill out online Expression of Interest. Should receive an invitation from the Immigration office of Nova Scotia. Have a completed diploma or degree of a minimum of 2 academic years full-time. Have a post-graduation work permit. 

Skilled Worker:

With this, employers can recruit recently graduated international students and foreign workers having the skills. For this, the candidate must Be 21 to 51 years of age. Have an offer from a Nova Scotia employer. 

Demonstrate language ability equivalent to Canadian Language Benchmark. 5 for skilled workers and Canadian Language Benchmark. 4 for semi-skilled. Sufficient financial resources to settle in Nova Scotia. Possess a high school diploma. Have at least one year of work experience. Possess the skills and training. 

Nova scotia Immigration program:

Express entry:

Express Entry stream selects highly skilled individuals. They should wish to live in Nova Scotia on a permanent basis. Applicants must have at least one year of working experience. For this, the candidate must have at least one year of work experience. Should be 21 to 55 years old. Have a Canadian high school credential. Prove language ability in English or French. Have a profile registered in IRCC.

Budget allocation for Nova Scotia:

For the Nova scotia Immigration program, Nova Scotia invests and allocates a budget. A few services are mentioned below:

Years Immigration & population growth Settlement Series For more Staff
2022-23 $1 million $1.4 million $895,000

Documents required to apply for NSNP 2022:

Verified foreign education, certifications along with the ECA, language tests like IELTS scorecard, letters of reference, Valid travelling documents etc. Marriage certificate. Proof of funds that includes bank statements etc. Any other relevant documents that are included in the document checklist etc.

Nova Scotia is a province with native english speakers among the four Atlantic Provinces.  Like all the Canadian provinces Nova Scotia also has its Provincial Nominee Program known as Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP). The skilled Workers category comes under NSNP. 

If you are successfully admitted to the NSNP under the skilled workers program, you can apply for permanent residency to the Federal Government. The employers are permitted to employ the skilled workers required in Nova Scotia under the Skilled Workers Stream.

The employers who are facing problems in filling the vacant positions in their companies and are not able to find the suitable Canadian Citizens or permanent residents for the position can use this pathway to hire the skilled foreign nationals. 

To apply for the NSNP under skilled workers stream, the candidates must have a full time job offer from the employer. The job offer should be permanent in nature and the employer must be from Nova Scotia. 

Skilled Workers Stream should be chosen by those candidates who have a permanent job from a Nova Scotia employer which should be full time in nature. The full time job requires a minimum 30 work hours in a week. And a permanent job means a job with no end date like the ones with a contract and have an ending date. 

Also the employer should be from Nova Scotia and the job offered by the employer is also in the province of Nova Scotia. In case of the non profit organizations, the employer must be operating the organization for minimum two years in Nova Scotia and it should be registered under Societies. 

The NSNP requires two levels of applications which are provincial and federal. Provincial level is free but you need to pay the fees for the Federal level. You must get a provincial nominee certificate to apply for a permanent residency under the Federal Government.

The changes must be updated in your NSNP profile if there are any for example, the changes in marital status or job changes or any changes in academic area. If you don;t update your profile, the chances of getting a rejection become higher if the Federal Government detects them. 

The Documents required for the Skilled Workers Program: to apply for a provincial nominee program, many documents are required. These should be scanned in color and should be in  pdf form. These documents mainly includes:

  1. Documents supporting your permanent, full time job in Nova Scotia from an employer in Nova Scotia. 
  2. All the documents which provide the proof of your previous work experience for a minimum one year regular full time job in last five years.
  3. The nature of the job should be paid in full rather than the volunteer work and it should be in relation to your current job offer from the employer. 
  4. Documents to prove your necessary education and training.
  5. Language proficiency test certificates for English or French. The CLB should be higher than level 5.
  6. Passport of the applicant and their family members included in application (if any)
  7. Document to prove the relation between you and your family members which may include Marriage certificates in case of spouse and birth certificate in case of dependent children. 
  8. Documents from previous Visa applications to show your current visa status in Canada (if any).

Apply for the Skilled Workers Stream: After gathering all the required documents, the next step is to apply for the NSNP program under the Skilled Workers stream. To apply for NSNP, visit the official website of Nova Scotia.

First fill the eNSNP 100 form online and then attach all the required documents in pdf form. They should be scanned in color. Complete the form including all the options in detail and submit. 

After submission, you should wait for the decision by the provincial government. If you fulfill the eligibility criteria of the skilled workers stream, you will get a nomination certificate from Nova Scotia Nominee Program. 

The proof of nomination is also sent to the IRCC and you have a time of 6 months to apply for a visa after receiving the nomination certificate. 

In case of visa refusal, a period of 10 days is given to the applicants to submit the response and information which is concerned in your refusal. After submitting the new information in ten days it will be re assessed and a decision is made. 

This will be the final decision and no appeal is made on the final decision. In case of approval, the permanent residency application should be applied within six months. 


  1. Skilled Workers stream comes under Nova Scotia Nominee Program.
  2. Skilled workers with a minimum 1 year of continuous work experience in last 5 years.
  3.  Full time , permanent job from a Nova Scotia Employer.
  4. Age should be between 21 to 55 years.
  5. Must have language proficiency of CLB level 5 or more. 
  6. Selected candidates will be given nomination certificates.

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