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Is it worth hiring an Immigration Lawyer in Canada?

Immigration Lawyer in Canada: Immigration Lawyers are the individuals who represent you in your immigration process. They help the immigrants in presenting their cases before the immigration authorities and help them in all legal matters.

There are many types of immigrants who migrate to the country of their choice. Some migrate willingly to start a new life in another country, or some are forced to move like refugees. Immigration lawyers play an important role in their settlement of new countries. 

Many people move to other countries for work. They wanted to create a successful life for themselves and their families. However, there are many immigration challenges when one wants to move to another country. Finding Immigration Lawyer is also important job but side by side you also need to explore how to find job in Canada.

Immigration lawyers will help you in managing matters about your immigration. All the arrangements under immigration law should be made properly for these immigrants. 

An immigration lawyer helps these foreign clients to settle down and conduct business and stay in Canada on a permanent basis as per the immigration law

The immigration lawyer represents both legal and illegal both types of immigrants and also represents the refugees who want to seek asylum in the country. 

Who can become an immigration lawyer?

This profession is suitable for all genders and all individuals. The individual who wants to be an immigration lawyer should complete the minimum educational requirements. 

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Education in law is required for lawyers, as immigration lawyers should have special skills for the job. The job of immigration lawyers is a desk-based job. Frequent travel is not required. 

Role of Immigration Lawyer:

The main job of the immigration lawyer is to provide consultation to the clients regarding all aspects of immigration, including both legal and illegal aspects. 

Immigration lawyers are also responsible for fulfilling legal formalities like the issue of work permits, visitor visas, tourist visas or business visas. 

They also provide support in assisting foreign nationals for their citizenship and permanent residency. 

Other than assistance, they are also required to do tasks like:

  1. Assist your client in the process of documentation. They should help in preparing and submitting the documents to the authorities.
  2. Consultations for applying and filling for OIC cards, conversion of visa status, visa renewals etc.
  3. It is also the job of the immigration lawyer to update their clients with the latest development in the processing as well as changes or updates in immigration policies. 
  4. They should also inform their clients about the rules and regulations of their visa status. 
  5. If there are any issues in your immigration process, immigration lawyers will be responsible for solving them for you, or they will assist you in solving those issues. 
  6. In case of refusals, they are responsible for filing the appeal on behalf of their client. 

Immigration lawyers work in different environments. Some work in big firms, while some work in small firms. Some immigration lawyers have their own firms or private practices.

They help their clients in getting all types of visas like a visitor, work, student, permanent residency, citizenship and business visas.  

They can usually work in the typical 9 to 5 work environment. There are many reasons to hire immigration lawyers for your visa applications.

Reasons to hire Immigration Lawyer in Canada:

  1. Avoid mistakes. It is common for immigrants to make mistakes during their application submission. This sometimes leads to application rejections. So immigration lawyers help you avoid making mistakes which can cause you visa rejection.
  2. Paperwork for immigration applications is always complicated. They involve many legal terms. So immigration lawyers help you seek these documents while you are preparing your application for submission. 
  3. As immigration lawyers are experienced, they will make your dream into reality. As they have dealt with the same cases before, they can help you in preparing paperwork to avoid any mistakes.
  4. As they are experts on all the procedural manoeuvres, they will easily help you in getting the visa you want. 
  5.  If you want to make the process yourself, then it is highly possible to make mistakes. Immigration lawyers will help you to avoid mistakes. 
  6. A good immigration lawyer will help you explore the visa options for you according to your eligibility. 
  7. They can help you in various situations like deportations.
  8. They can help you in getting a permanent residency in an easy way by considering all options.
  9. They can also help you in finding legal jobs.
  10. They will guide you to citizenship in Canada in an orderly way. 


  1. Immigration Lawyers Assist in Process
  2. Legal and Refugee Immigration
  3. Aid in Settling Abroad
  4. Error-Free Application Support
  5. Optimal Path to Residency/Citizenship

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