You are currently viewing Try PTE Core Now – Easiest Test for Canada PR
Try PTE Core Now - Easiest Test for Canada PR

Try PTE Core Now – Easiest Test for Canada PR

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PTE Core English Test: Boost your Canada PR, Work Visa, Citizenship chances easily. Now accepted by IRCC. Click here to know format, fees and more.

PTE Core – Gateway to Canadian Immigration and Work Opportunities

PTE Core is a computer-based English language proficiency test specifically designed for Canadian immigration and work visa purposes. 

It assesses your general speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills in a single test, lasting approximately two hours. Here are some key points about PTE Core:

Who Should Give the PTE Core Test?

PTE Core is a test accepted by the Government of Canada (IRCC) for applicants who want to work and settle here:

  • Individuals aiming for Canadian Permanent Residency (PR) through various programs like Federal Skilled Worker or Canadian Experience Class.
  • Professionals seeking work visas in Canada.
  • People looking to achieve Canadian citizenship.

Why Opt for PTE Core?

There are many reasons why PTE Core is better than alternative tests like IELTS GT and CELPIP:

  • Short and Simple Test: The test lasts only 2 hours and is comparatively simpler.
  • AI-powered scoring: Consistent and unbiased evaluation compared to human examiners.
  • Fast results: Receive your score within 24 hours.
  • Multiple test dates: Flexible scheduling options throughout the year.
  • Convenient test centers: Available in numerous locations worldwide.
  • Accepted by IRCC: Recognized by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.
  • Focus on real-world skills: Questions tailored to everyday communication scenarios.

About PTE Core

Here’s some brief information about PTE Core test:

  • Test format has 4 Modules in  3 Parts – Speaking & Writing, Reading, and Listening.
  • Scoring is on a Scale of 0-90, with 90 being the highest possible score.
  • Delivery is Computer-based in secure test centers.
  • Faster and more flexible than traditional paper-based tests.
  • Almost similar to PTE Academic, but more focused on vocational and non-academic contexts.

What is the PTE Core Test Structure?

The PTE Core test assesses your English language skills across three core modules: Speaking & Writing, Reading, and Listening. 

Each module has its own set of tasks and time limits, creating a comprehensive evaluation of your abilities. Here’s a breakdown:

Part 1: Speaking & Writing (50 minutes)

Personal Introduction (optional, non-scored): Introduces you to the testing platform and helps with microphone and recording settings.

  • Read Aloud: You read a short text aloud clearly and accurately.
  • Repeat Sentence: You repeat a longer sentence, demonstrating pronunciation and clarity.
  • Describe Image: You describe an image in detail, focusing on key features and details.
  • Respond to a Situation: You are given a work-related situation which you have to address in under 40 seconds.
  • Re-tell Lecture: You summarize a short academic lecture, showcasing comprehension and listening skills.
  • Writing an email: You write a concise email of at least 100 words on the given prompt, assessing writing and comprehension.

Part 2: Reading (30 minutes)

Multiple Choice, Single Answer: Answer questions based on a single reading passage.

Reading & Writing: Fill in the Blanks: Fill in missing words in a text, testing vocabulary and comprehension.

Multiple Choice, Multiple Answers: Select multiple correct answers based on one reading passage.

Re-order Paragraphs: Arrange scrambled paragraphs into a logical order, assessing reading comprehension and organization skills.

Reading fill in the blanks: Fill in missing words based on a longer reading passage with a more complex theme.

Part 3: Listening (45-50 minutes)

Summarize Spoken Text: Write a brief summary of a short monologue or conversation.

Multiple Choice, Multiple Answers: Select multiple correct answers based on a longer listening passage.

Fill in the blanks: Fill in the missing words in the transcript by listening to the audio played.

Multiple Choice, Single Answer: Answer questions based on a short monologue or conversation.

Select Missing Word: Complete the audio by choosing the correct ending from the options provided.

Highlight Incorrect Words: Identify and mark incorrect information in a listening passage.

Write from Dictation: Type what you hear, assessing listening and typing accuracy.

Is PTE Core Difficult or Easy?

As a working professional who recently took the PTE Core sample test, I must say that I found it quite manageable and, in fact, easier than anticipated. 

One of the key features that contributed to this perception is the computer-based format of the test. 

Unlike traditional pen-and-paper exams, the PTE Core test is conducted entirely on a computer, which made it more convenient and comfortable for me to navigate through the various sections.

Additionally, the structure of the test is well-organized, with distinct sections such as Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening. 

Each section assesses different language skills, allowing test-takers to focus on one aspect at a time, which I found to be helpful in managing my time and energy effectively.

Moreover, the test incorporates modern technology, including advanced speech recognition software for the Speaking section and interactive tasks for the Writing and Listening sections. 

These features not only made the test more engaging but also provided instant feedback, which helped me gauge my performance in real-time.

Overall, while the PTE Core test certainly presented its challenges, I found it to be a relatively straightforward and efficient way to demonstrate my English language proficiency as a working professional.


In conclusion, if you’re considering applying for Canadian Permanent Residency and need to prove your English language proficiency, the PTE Core test emerges as a standout option. 

With its computer-based format, structured sections, and incorporation of advanced technology, it offers a streamlined and efficient assessment experience. 

As someone who has found the test to be easier than expected, I highly recommend considering PTE Core as your preferred choice. 

Its convenience, accuracy, and effectiveness make it the ideal pathway to achieving your goals of immigrating to Canada. 

Don’t hesitate – try PTE Core now and pave your way to a successful Canadian work or immigration application.

Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is PTE Core?

It is a computer-based English test for Canadian immigration and work visas. It assesses speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills.

Is PTE Core accepted for Australia?

No, PTE Core is not accepted for Australian immigration. You need PTE Academic.

What are the 2 types of PTE?

PTE Academic: For academic purposes like university admission. (Get Free Samples at FreePteTest)

PTE Core: For non-academic purposes like Canadian immigration and work visas.

Which PTE is required for Canada PR?

You need PTE Core for Canadian Permanent Residency (PR).

Is PTE easier than IELTS?

Both tests have pros and cons, difficulty depends on individual strengths, however many find PTE easier. PTE offers computer-based format and faster results.

Which PTE is required for Australian PR?

You need PTE Academic for Australian Permanent Residency (PR).

Is 57 PTE score accepted in Canada?

Even for student visas the required score nowadays is 58 and above. But it depends on your visa type and program selected. Check IRCC requirements for specific score needs.

Can I get my PR if I do PTE?

Yes, with PTE Core you can get Canada PR. However, remember passing PTE is one requirement, but not the only one. Check IRCC eligibility criteria for your program.

How long is PTE valid for PR?

PTE scores are valid for two years for Canadian PR applications.

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