Responding to Survey Sample 314

Pet Preferences Survey: A pet store is conducting a survey to understand the customers’ preferences regarding pet types. The survey has two options for the respondents to choose from.

Option A: The store should prioritize energetic pets with playful personalities.

Option A advises that the pet store should place a higher emphasis on selling active pets with personalities that are playful. Pets like puppies, kittens, rabbits, and birds, as well as other animals and birds, can fall into this category since they demand a higher level of care and stimulation from their owners. 

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Practice Celpip test with Free Samples


Active people or families with children who enjoy spending time outside and playing with their pets will find that energetic pets are a wonderful addition to their family. 

They frequently need more physical activity, training, and interaction in order to maintain their health and happiness. 

When a pet has a playful personality, it indicates that it is friendly and enjoys interacting with people as well as other animals. 

For people who desire a pet that can bring them happiness and pleasure throughout their life, this quality can be an essential one to look for in a companion animal. 

In general, this alternative concentrates on pets that are vivacious and interactive, making them a good choice for individuals or families who like leading an active lifestyle.

Option B: The store should prioritize calm pets with relaxed personalities.

According to the results of the survey regarding preferences for pets, Option B indicates that the pet store ought to give priority to calm pets with laid-back personalities. 

Customers who like low-maintenance pets that require less attention and are, in general, quieter should go with this option because it best suits their preferences. 

Cats, turtles, and some kinds of dogs like Greyhounds and Bulldogs are examples of pets that have characteristics that are more laid-back and easygoing. 

These creatures are often less active and more laid back, making them ideal for owners who like a more peaceful atmosphere within the home in which they reside. 

Children and the elderly, who may not be able to keep up with the activity level of a more active pet, are another group of people who may benefit from having a calm pet as a companion. 

In the end, selecting a pet that is compatible with one’s way of life and personal preferences is essential to ensuring the happiness and well-being of both the pet and the owner.

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