Responding to Survey Sample 315

Home Preferences Survey: A real estate company is conducting a survey to understand the customers’ preferences regarding home features. The survey has two options for the respondents to choose from. 

Option A: The company should prioritize modern homes with contemporary designs.

When it comes to the parts of a home, customers have different tastes. Some people might like a modern and up-to-date style, while others might like a more classic look. The real estate company is doing a survey to find out what features customers want in their homes.

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Practice Celpip test with Free Samples


Option A says that the company should put the most emphasis on building modern homes with modern designs. This means that the houses should have simple shapes, clean lines, and a minimalist design. They might have open floor plans, big windows, and sleek finishes, among other things.

Customers who choose this option may want their home design to be both useful and innovative. They might be interested in the newest gadgets and smart home features.

The real estate company can use this information to meet their customers’ needs and help them find homes that fit their tastes.

Option B: The company should prioritize traditional homes with classic designs.

Option B suggests that the real estate company should place a stronger priority on conventional residences with classic styles. 

This is an alternative to the first two options. When we refer to “traditional homes with classic designs,” we are referring to residences that have a more conventional appearance and are created with traditional architectural components. 

Gable roofs, dormer windows, exteriors made of brick or stone, and elaborate woodwork are some of the identifying characteristics of these types of residences. In addition to this, they may have a more formal layout, with rooms and regions that are very clearly separated from one another. 

Those who like an appearance that is more classic and enduring, as well as those who value the charm and character of older homes, would find this choice to be appealing. Also, people who have an appreciation for the history and character of older homes. 

This could be appealing to people who place a high importance on having a sense of community and history in both their home and the surrounding area.

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