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What newcomers to Canada need to know?Newcomers to Canada

What newcomers to Canada need to know?

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What newcomers to Canada need to know?: Newcomers are referred to those persons who have recently come to Canada on a Visa. Usually, a person whose stay period in Canada is less than five years is considered a newcomer. 

Newcomers are immigrants who migrated to Canada on permanent or temporary residency visas. They have access to many resources and settlement agencies in Canada.

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Newcomers include immigrants and, in some cases Refugees who seek protection and security in Canada. 

Things to do before Migrating to Canada:

If you are migrating to Canada on a permanent basis then there are some things you need to do before migrating to Canada:

  1. The first thing is to research the place you are migrating to. This includes the country, province and city you are planning to live in. Research life in the area and how you can adapt to the lifestyle.
  2. If you are migrating with your family, research the community and people. Also, look for suitable schools and medical facilities in the city.
  3. Research the security and crime rate of the city. Make a proper investigation about the safety of your family in the city.
  4. The next step is to look for suitable accommodation. The place where you will start your new life is important. So you should make a proper list of your requirements for the accommodation and then start your search. 
  5. Check the local communities in the city. It’s better to have familiar people from your home country around you while you start your new life. It will give you a better understanding and time to adjust to the new environment. 
  6. The work is an important factor to consider. To work in a country you need to understand the labour market of Canada properly. Apply for the job according to the terms and conditions of the labour market. Get an LMIA. 
  7. Check your passport. Make sure your passport is updated and not expiring soon.
  8. Gather all the required documents for identification, relationship proofs, medical records and educational certificates. These include your school and college certificates, police clearance certificates, vaccination and medical records, birth and marriage certificates and your Driver’s license and other required IDs.
  9. If the documents are in your native language, then make sure to transfer all the required documents into English or French before submitting the application. 
  10. Make photocopies of all required and important documents. 
  11. For immediate use of money after landing in Canada, make an exchange of your currency with Canadian currency before going. 
  12. It’s important to buy health insurance before going to Canada. There are many companies which provide you with health insurance in your home country. You need health insurance for a time until you are eligible for the health care system provided by the province. 
  13. Make research about the things you can and can not bring with you to Canada. These also include the things which are more convenient to get in Canada than bringing them with you. 
  14. Book your travel tickets for arrival and departure in advance. 
What newcomers to Canada need to know?

After you arrive in Canada:

After you arrive in Canada, you will need to take care of some things first so that you can get comfortable with your new life easily. You should:

  1. After you arrive in Canada, you should visit or call an immigrant-serving organization. 
  2. Having your Social Insurance Number is also a must in Canada. So you need to apply for a Social Insurance Number (SIN) at Service Canada Center as soon as possible after landing in Canada. 
  3. The next step is to apply for a health insurance card provided by the Canadian Government. 
  4. You need to have a bank account for depositing your money which you will need for buying the necessary things and other purposes. So you need to open a bank account in Canada.
  5. Have a Canadian mobile number for easy communication and accessing the internet on the phone. 
  6. You should explore the neighbouring area where you found your accommodation. It will help you to familiarize yourself with the neighbourhood while commuting. 
  7. Also, you need to have proper knowledge about the transportation options in your area. It will save time and effort. 
  8. You need to memorise all the emergency contacts in case you find yourself in trouble or lost. Also, memorize the emergency helpline 911.
  9. If you have immigrated with your family, then you also need to enrol your children in school after coming to Canada.
  10.  Also, if required, get your credential accredited as soon as possible.
  11.  Familiarize yourself with your workplace and route. 
  12.  Also, learn about the nearby supermarkets and stores for daily necessities. 
  13.  Improve your language proficiency if you think you are having trouble in communication.
  14.  You can also apply for Child Tax benefits in case your children are under the age of 18 years and are dependent on you. 
  15.  Get your Driver’s License so that you will have no problem driving your Car. 
  16.  Also, while in Canada, you need to obey the rules and regulations of the country. So you need to learn about that. 
  17.  Contact a family doctor in case of an emergency. 
  18.  You usually receive your PR card within two months after your arrival. If not contact IRCC for the same. 


  1. Immigrants that come to Canada are referred to as newcomers.
  2. Research the country, province and city. 
  3. Prepare the necessary documents before coming to Canada. 
  4. Research about schools and healthcare,
  5. Apply for SIN and Driver’s License. 
  6. Learn about the community you are going to live in. 

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