Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) 2023

Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) 2023: Alberta is the fastest growing p1rovince in Canada, with two big cities Calgary and Edmonton. Edmonton the capital city is the main supply and service center for Canada’s oil sands and was established in 1795 as a Hudson’s Bay Company post.

Alberta Immigrant Nominee program consists of three streams:

  • Alberta Opportunity Stream
  • Alberta Express Entry Stream
  • Alberta Self-Employed Farmer Stream

1. Alberta Opportunity Stream (AOS)

Eligible Candidates :
1. Candidates should have positive LMIA(Labour Market Impact Assessment) IRCC may give you LMIA exemption in case of international trade agreements, workers transferred within a company, International Experience Canada, Mobilité Francophone.

2. PGWP (Post-Graduation Work Permit) holders are also eligible. For PGWP candidates, your present occupation must be related to study that you have done in any of the approved Alberta’s educational institution.

Ineligible occupations: If you are into one of the following occupations, you are not eligible for Alberta’s Opportunity Stream program.

NOC Skill Level Occupation
0011 0 Legislators
0422 0 School principals and administrators of elementary and secondary education
0423 0 Managers in social, community and correctional services
0432 0 Fire chiefs and senior firefighting officers
0651* 0 Escort agency managers, massage parlour managers
4031 A Secondary school teachers
4032 A Elementary school and kindergarten teachers
4154 A Professional occupations in religion
5121 A Authors and writers
5133 A Musicians and singers
5135 A Actors and comedians
5136 A Painters, sculptors and other visual artists
1227 B Court officers and justices of the peace
3223* B Dental laboratory assistants/bench workers
4214* B Early childhood educators who do not have certification through Alberta Children’s Services – Child Care Staff Certification Office or who have been certified as child development assistant (formerly Level 1)
4216 B Other instructors
4217 B Other religious occupations
5232 B Other performers, not elsewhere classified
5244 B Artisans and craftspersons
5251 B Athletes
6232 B Real estate agents and salespersons
4411 C Home child care providers
4412 C Home support workers, housekeepers and related occupations
4413 C Elementary and secondary school teacher assistants
6533 C Casino occupations
6564 C Other personal service occupations
7513 C Taxi and limousine drivers and chauffeurs
8442 C Trappers and hunters
6623 D Other sales related occupations
6722 D Operators and attendants in amusement, recreation and sport
6742 D Other service support occupations, not elsewhere classified
8611 D Harvesting labourers
8612 D Landscaping and grounds maintenance labourers
8613 D Aquaculture and marine harvest labourers
8614 D Mine labourers

Language Requirements: For both English and French languages, the candidate should manage minimum CLB score of 4 in each section.

For certain categories like Nurse aides, orderlies and patient service associates, you need the better score as CLB 7 for both English and French languages.

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Work experience requirements:
1. If you have Alberta work experience than you just need 12 months of full-time work experience.

2. In case of other having working experience outside Alberta or international candidates, 24 months of full-time work experience is required.

How to apply for Alberta Opportunity Stream?
Step 1. Read the AINP terms and conditions.
Step 2. Review the AINP selection criteria.
Step 3. Review the language testing requirements.
Step 4. Download the Document Checklist and complete the required forms.
Step 5. Mail the application

2. Alberta Express Entry Stream: Candidates who have applied for IRCC Express Entry System are directly contacted by the AINP(Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program), are send notification of interest, after which the candidates are allowed to submit their application for this program.

Candidates will receive a Notification under following conditions :

  1. Candidate must have applied under the Federal system
  2. Candidate should have minimum CRS score of 300
  3. Candidate should have stated interest in Alberta
  4. A candidate is working in an occupation listed by Alberta for immigration, that supports Alberta’s economic development and diversification.

How to apply for Alberta Express Entry Stream?

Step 1: Receive a request from the AINP to apply to this stream.

Step 2: Read the AINP terms and conditions

Step 3: Review the Alberta Express Entry Stream Assessment criteria

Step 4: Review the Document Checklist and complete the required forms

Step 5: Mail the application package

3. Self-Employed Farmer Stream: This stream if for farmers who meet the following criteria set by AINP:

  1. Farm management skills
  2. Sufficient financial resources
  3. Primary production investment

1. Farm Management Skills: Candidate must prove that he or she is having farm management skills because they are applying under farmers category. To prove their farm management skills candidates/farmers must :

  1. Present documents related to financial transactions including returns etc.
  2. Present educational documents including training and experience certificates.
  3. Present their proposed farming plan for Alberta.

2. Sufficient financial resources: The minimum investment required to qualify for this program is CDN $500k and the applicant must also provide documents to show that he is having a minimum net worth of equal amount. Here an important point to remember is, the applicant must have the ability to invest more than the required minimum amount.

3. Primary production investment: A proper well documented business plan, which should help economy and business sector of Alberta, specially good for Agri-food sector, must be presented by the applicant.

But following applicants are not eligible for this particular program:

  1. refugee claimants
  2. live-in caregivers
  3. Temporary foreign workers
  4. International students

How to apply for Self-Employed Farmer Stream?
Step 1: Read the AINP terms and conditions.
Step 2. Download the Document Checklist and complete the require forms.
Step 3. Mail the application

Alberta is expected to invited large number of applicants in the present and coming years, so if you are not able to get required CRS score for federal system, Alberta Immigration Nominee program is a good opportunity for you.


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Note: There are frequent changes in the program rules and requirements for Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program, like eligibility criteria, Language proficiency score, educational qualification required, age criteria and even fees.

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