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How long is CELPIP valid?

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Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP) is used for Canadian Immigration. A question generally comes to mind when entering the Express Entry pool: Does CELPIP Expire? 

The shelf period of the language proficiency test is two years. You have to retake the CELPIP exam after two years. In case you have filed the application and your language proficiency test expires, then you need to retake the exam and update it in your application. 

CELPIP has two types: The general test and the General LS test. Both of these tests have different modules. As for the CELPIP General Test, there are mainly four modules. These are the same as the IELTS exams, i.e. Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. 

For the CELPIP General LS test, there are only two modules: Listening and Speaking. The main point in the CELPIP exam is that this exam is taken in a single sitting.

For the CELPIP General Test, the time duration is 3 hours, and for The CELPIP General LS exam, the time duration is just 1 hour.

Also, the exam is computer-based, including the Speaking section. Some people find it more comfortable to speak in front of a machine than a human. 

Also, due to being computer-based, there are additional features in the exam, such as a built timer and spell checker. It also has a word counter which helps you in the Writing section. 

CELPIP in Canadian Immigration: 

Canadian immigration requires Language proficiency tests to check the ability of the person for language understanding.

Practice Celpip test with Free Samples
Practice Celpip test with Free Samples

As many countries have English as their Second or third language, it is important to know the applicant’s language understanding so that the applicant won’t face any problems of miscommunication at work or other places.

Different immigration programs have different language requirements. The most commonly used language programs in immigrating to Canada are: IELTS, CELPIP, CAEL, PTE etc. 

The Language capability of the applicant is checked with the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB). Your scores on the Language test are converted into the CLB by standard method. 

The Express Entry pool also uses CLB for language proficiency. However, the test you take for language proficiency must be approved by IRCC

For Canadian Immigration, CELPIP is considered the better choice as it is specially designed for Canadian Immigration. It is more of a generalised test than an academic one. 

Does CELPIP Expire?

Almost all language tests have a validity of two years. You have to retake the exam after 2 years if you have applied for Canadian immigration and your language test is about to expire.

You are required to retake the CELPIP exam if it becomes invalid after two years of its date of taking otherwise, you will be removed from the Express Entry pool. 

So yes, CELPIP does Expire for the express entry or for the permanent residency programs. 

CELPIP is also known as a third-party exam as it is conducted by Paragon Testing Enterprise, which is a subsidiary of the University of British Columbia. 

As we know, CELPIP does expire for PR but Does CELPIP expire for citizenship? As per the official website of CIC the third-party language exams never expire for citizenship applicants. 

CELPIP General LS test is usually taken for the Citizen applications of Canada. This test has only two modules and can also be only taken in Canada. This test is not available anywhere else in the world. 

This test is considered a third-party test, and it does not expire. You can submit the test results of a third-party tests which were taken by you when you first immigrated to Canada as proof of Language proficiency.  

CELPIP Benefits:

As CELPIP is a language proficiency test, it is not the only test available for the purpose. There are many tests for the same purpose. 

However, for Canadian Immigration, CELPIP does have some advantages over other tests, such as IELTS. Some of the advantages of the CELPIP exam are:

  1. CELPIP is a totally Computer oriented test. It is best for those who spend the most time with computers and have good speed in typing and using computers.
  2. Some people have a fear of speaking in front of the examiner. They feel pressured. But being a fully computerised test including the speaking section too, it is good for those people. They feel much more comfortable while talking to a machine. 
  3. It has an inbuilt timer to keep a record of the time for your test.
  4. It also has a spell checker and word counter, which are useful for the test takers.
  5. It is not an academic test. It is more of a generalized English test.
  6. No separate Speaking sessions. Complete the exam in a single sitting. 
  7. Specifically for Immigration PR and Citizenship. 


  1. CELPIP is specially designed in Canada for PR and Citizenship.
  2. Computer-based test with many inbuilt features like word count and spell check. 
  3. Complete the test in a single sitting without a separate speaking part.
  4. Validity for two years for immigration purposes like PR.
  5. A third-party test that does not expire for citizenship applications.

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