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Long lines of Indian students waiting for jobs in Canada; unemployment and poverty.

Long lines of Indian students waiting for jobs in Canada

Indian students waiting for jobs in Canada: Canada has been one of the leading destinations for the migration of Malayali students for the past few years. Many Malayalis have already migrated to Canada. After getting a study visa and completing your education, the general practice is to acquire some kind of job and gradually gain PR.

But there are reports that things are not looking good in Canada. Those arriving on study visas rely mainly on part-time jobs for fees and other expenses. If they get a good job, they can even earn money to send home in addition to their expenses in Canada.

Many reports indicate that the growing unemployment problem among international students in Canada is strong. Everything is getting expensive. With this, students are forced to seek additional financial assistance from their parents in India.

This situation is very troubling to us quoted Sumit Balian, a public college student in Hamilton, Ontario. International students coming to Canada have to pay higher tuition fees, more than five times what local Canadian students pay

Apart from this, a minimum of $10,000 must be invested in a mandatory guaranteed investment certificate. It will pay back over time.

It was hoped that he could start work immediately after arriving in Canada. The representatives assured us that there are plenty of job opportunities in Canada and that we can recover our expenses and send money home.

But none of this is true’- says Balian, who moved to Canada in January this year. ‘ Building owners arbitrarily raise rents and even threaten eviction if they don’t agree.

Overcrowded residences can cost up to $800 per bed space. Some students even have to rely on food banks for food, says Baliyan. The influx of international students is being blamed on Canada’s efforts to reduce inflation during the current mild recession..

When I was in India, I watched inspirational videos on YouTube and Reels from Indian students, saying how great everything is here. But now the opposite is happening- Baliyan added. There is also strong criticism that international students are being exploited by not providing adequate accommodation.

The government has previously stated that Canada will welcome 753,000 international students this year. Last year it was only 550,000. Reports also show that these students contribute $25 billion annually to Canada’s economy.

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